Accessibility Plan


Accessibility Plan

Photo of fingers reading braille, child in wheelchair and sign language

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Disruptions to Goods and Services

 Disabilities affect people of all ages and background. Some people are born with one or more disabilities. Many others develop disabilities through illness, injury or aging. People with disabilities represent a significant and growing part of our population. Statistics Canada report that approximately 1.8 million Ontarians have disabilities - about 13.5% of the population. Because disability tends to increase with age, it is estimated that 20% of the population will have disabilities by the year 2020. Enhancing the ability of people with disabilities to live independently and contribute to the community will have positive effects on future prosperity in Ontario.  Municipal governments play an important role in the planning and development of communities: in our streets, parks, libraries, social housing, ambulance services, programs, services, public buildings and elections.

For more information please see our 2014-2019 Accessibility Plan