Animal Control

Animal Control
Dog Tag Licensing
Livestock Predation

Animal Control

Anita Stuart - Animal Control Officer.  All inquiries, concerns and complaints regarding domestic pets should be made directly to the Animal Control at (613) 259-9998

Animal Control By-Law 2011-024

Dog Tag Licensing

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For purchase details, please contact the Township office 267-6500 or to purchase by mail, fill in this form.
Send completed form with money order or cheque (no cash) to 310 Port Elmsley Rd, Perth, ON K7H 3C7, and we will mail your tag to you.

As per By-law 2012-071, license fees are as follows:

Dog License Fee $20.00 per year
Micro Chip Dogs(not tattoo) $10.00
(upon annual presentation of documentation)
Replacement Dog Tag $1.00
Guide Dog Tag N/C
Kennel License Fee $30.00 per year

Dogs are prohibited from running at large and are required to be licensed. On payment of the license fee for a dog, the owner shall be furnished with a dog tag which must be kept securely fixed on the dog at all times.
Don't Forget Your Dog Tags!

LiveStock Predation
Compensation for Livestock Losses Due to Wolf/Coyote/Dog Predation
Under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program livestock and poultry producers are entitled to make claims to their local municipality for livestock losses attributed to attacks by wolves, coyotes or dogs.

What do I do if I believe I have suffered a loss of livestock due to predation?
If you believe your livestock/poultry have suffered an injury/kill due to predation by a coyote, wolf or a stray dog, do not remove the carcass from the attack site as the valuer will want to examine the area for evidence to help determine the cause of the loss. You can report livestock injuries/kill to the Township Office at 613 - 267-6500 during business hours or on weekend or holidays, the number to call is Cathy Ryder, Deputy Clerk at 613-200-0769. 
Please keep these phone numbers handy.

What happens when I contact the Township?
The service standards are as follows:
1) Within 48 hours from the time of discovering death or injury, the livestock owner must notify the municipality. This is the notification date.
2) Within 3 business days from receiving notification, the valuer will conduct a full investigation of the incident.
3) Within 10 business days from receiving notification, the valuer will prepare and serve a report (i.e. the Program Application) with all applicable identification numbers in writing to:
  • The livestock owner
  • The Municipal Clerk
4) The municipality, the livestock owner or OMAFRA have 20 business days from the time the Program Application is received to request a review by a second valuer.
5) If no requests for a review by a second valuer are filed within 20 business days, the municipality can issue the payment to the livestock owner. If there is a request for a review by a second valuer, the municipality would not issue payment until the review and appeals process has been completed.

Are there any eligibility requirements?
You must provide your FBR and Premises ID
Also - if a livestock owner is eligible for compensation and chooses not to provide a SIN/Business Number, they will not be eligible to receive that claim.

What is a Premises ID number?
Premises identification requires the assignment of a unique identifier - a Premises Identification Number - to a parcel of land characterized as being associated with agrifood activity (ies).

How does a producer register for a Premises ID number?
The process to register is simple and there is no cost associated with registering. For instructions of how to obtain a Premises ID number please contact the Agriculture Information Contact Centre at 1-855-697-7743 or email or apply online at

If the livestock are on rented property does the livestock owner need to supply the Premises ID number of the rented land, or will their own Premises ID number suffice?
The Premises ID number where the livestock were killed or injured should be used.The livestock owner does not need to own a parcel of land to apply for a premises ID number. Multiple numbers are not assigned to the same parcel of land even if more than one applicant applies

What are the Maximum Amounts of Compensation?
Provincial regulations establish maximum amounts of compensation. Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website at for details on compensation amounts.

What if I do not agree with the municipal valuer’s report?
If you do not agree with the municipal valuer’s report, you may appeal to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), in writing, within 20 days of receiving the valuer’s report. A cheque or money order of $25, payable to the “Minister of Finance” must accompany the appeal. The $25 fee will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

Where do I get more information on predation of livestock?
Further information can be found at OMAFRA’s website at