Garbage & Recycling


There are no interruptions during the year except when Christmas and New Year's days falls on your regular pickup day.

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Winter/Spring 2018 WasteMatters Brochure  
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Recycling Tips

• The Blue Box signals the driver to stop at your laneway. If you have a cardboard box full of flattened cardboard, please put your Blue Box out as well to signal the driver to stop.

• Put your Blue Box out for collection when it is full – or to signal driver as above.

• Save room in your Blue Box and in the recycling truck by crushing plastic bottles & retightening their lids, flattening tetra packs & tin cans, stacking plastic containers inside each other.

• Make empty recyclables the last thing you rinse in your dishwater or use them to fill empty spaces when you run your dishwasher. There is no need to use fresh hot water to rinse recyclables.

Books: donate, trade or sell. To recycle hardcover books remove the covers & spine of the book, then recycle all portions.


Please do not use plastic bags for recyclable materials.
We cannot recycle film plastic, and as a result your recycling will be not be picked up.


Pick-up times

The "actual" time for curbside recycling and garbage pickup may vary from week to week, therefore residents should have their recyclables and waste at the curbside by 7:00 a.m. on their scheduled day for curbside collection.

Note: Recycle pickup dates are on the same day as regular garbage pickup, and there are no interruptions during the year except when Christmas and New Year's days falls on your regular pickup day.

For more information, please read your WasteMatters brochure included in your interim tax bill, or download a copy right here




Curbside Limits Your Township is working with our curbside collection contractor to enforce waste management By-law #2008-042

Bag Limit:  Two (2) bags per dwelling unit per week, weighing not more than 18 kg/40 lbs. each, will be picked up. (Bag Tags are not necessary for these items)

Bag Tags:  Blue tags may be used for extra items (anything over the two bag limit) for disposal. Bag Tags may be purchased for $2.00   each at the Code Road Landfill or the Municipal Office.

Container Size: If garbage bags are placed in a garbage container for collection, that container shall not be more than 17 gallons in volume. ‘Oversized’ wheeled bins & carts are designed for use by automated lifters in urban settings, and present a health & safety risk for collection staff.


clipart of garbage can For questions or concerns about curbside pick-up – EITHER garbage or blue box – please contact:

Glenview Iron & Metal at (613) 283-5230.


Battery & Cell Phone Recycling comes to D/NE
Did you know cell phones and consumer batteries are considered household hazardous waste?

A collection box in the front lobby of the municipal building makes it easy to do the right thing.

Call2Recycle is the only free used battery and cellphone collection program in North America.
All consumer batteries and cell phones of any make, model or age are accepted. No wet cell or vehicle batteries please.

Batteries are recycled into new batteries and stainless steel products.Cell phones are refurbished and resold, with proceeds funding the cellphone collection program and public education.

On your next trip to the municipal office, bring along your batteries and cell phones for recycling, and help to keep our landfill safe.With Call2Recycle, batteries never die. 

Picture of Battery Drop off Box Picture of Call 2 Recycle Logo  Picture of Recyling batteries