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Road Maintenance Activities

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Pesticide Use

The County of Lanark intends to utilize Green Stream Lawn & Vegetation Management Inc. to control weeds along rural roadsides within the County of Lanark:  Boom Spraying The boom spraying will occur on pre-selected township and county roads within the County of Lanark.

The Contractor will be using: Clearview Herbicide (PCP#29752), active ingredients Metasulfuron-Methyl and Aminopyralid, (present as potassium salt), Gateway Adjuvant (PCP#31470), active ingredients Paraffinic Oil and Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactant, under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada).

Commencing: June 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017 (weather permitting). For further information contact:

  • Green Stream Lawn & Vegetation Management Inc. – 905-510-1229 (call collect)
  • Lanark County Public Works, 613-267-1353 or Toll Free 1-888-952-6275
  • Township of Drummond / North Elmsley, 613-267-6500
  • Township of Lanark Highlands, 613-259-2398
  • Township of Montague, 613-283-7478

Information regarding weed spraying details of the specific road sections to be sprayed and no spray options, visit the County of Lanark website at

Weed Control: Roadside Spray Program 2017

Drummond/North Elmsley Township will conduct a noxious weed spraying program on its road allowance this spring on specific roads selected because of heavy infestation of wild parsnip.

The Township has jointly tendered with the County of Lanark for one application of the herbicide Clearview on Township road allowances. The spray program, in conjunction with regular roadside mowing, will assist the Township in the control of noxious weeds. We expect the spraying to take place sometime between June 1 & June 30, 2017, weather permitting.

As approved by the provincial Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Township has issued a public notice of its intent to apply herbicide and a list of the affected roads. Only municipal roads listed in the public notice are being sprayed with the herbicide. The list of roads to be sprayed in Drummond/North Elmsley is here

If your road is on the list of those being sprayed, you can submit a Request for NO Spray Signs Form  and obtain signage for the start and finish of the road allowance in front of your property.

The request form can be submitted by e-mail to ( ) or fax (613 267 2083). Signs are available at the Drummond/North Elmsley township office.

The selected contractor Green Stream Lawn and Vegetation Management Inc. is licensed for the application of herbicides by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change under requirements of the Pesticides Act, and strict guidelines are followed. Spraying will only occur in unmaintained ditches on the listed roads, and they will be sprayed from the edge of the shoulder to about one metre from the fence line. Roadside ditches maintained by property owners will not be sprayed. A 10-metre buffer is required from freshwater habitat. Sprayers are turned off at mailboxes or when a pedestrian is nearby, and it only occurs in appropriate weather conditions.

Municipal staff will escort the contractor to warn of pedestrians, waterbodies, mowed lawns or no-spraying signage during the process.

Extensive information, including maps and the list of County roads to be sprayed can be found on the county website at

For further information about DNE roadside spraying please call the Public Works department at 613 267 6500.


(Time frames may vary due to seasonal weather conditions)

 Gravel Resurfacing - May/June

 Calcium Gravel Roads – May/June

 Road Side Grass Mowing - July

 Roadside Brushing - Various locations throughout the year

 Grading - As required (Varies by traffic volumes/types, quality of road base, moisture content/rainfall and presence of calcium)


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Winter Maintenance Activities