Fire Ban Update June 1 2023

Friday, 02 June 2023 08:20
Some areas in Drummond/North Elmsley Township and Tay Valley Township are becoming quite dry. If we don't get more rain in the near future we will be forced to implement a partial or total fire ban. We ask that all residents take extreme caution when burning.
-Don't burn in areas with brown dead grass
-Don't burn when its windy
-Always have a water source available to extinguish the fire
-Never leave a fire unattended
A fire permit is required for all open air burning. Make sure you have/renew or obtain a fire permit (make sure to call in your agricultural fire permits). Residents can now apply for a residential fire permit (campfires, burn barrels, chimneys, out door fireplaces etc.) and/or an agricultural fire permit (fires larger than 30” in diameter).
How to obtain an open air fire permit: Complete your permit application online at or call 613-267-2596.
If you are a tenant, permission from the property owner must be obtained.
Cost: All open-air fire permits are FREE. For more information, please call 613-267-2596.