Lanark County & Smiths Falls Partners for Climate Change Survey

Friday, 07 August 2020 08:36
 Lanark County & Smiths Falls Partners for Climate Change data collection re: Transportation
This year Lanark County is developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP plan looks at both municipal operations (municipal buildings and garages, street lighting, municipal vehicles, water, and waste etc) as well as community operations (homes, businesses, transportation and energy use). This plan will work through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM's) milestone process to identify ways Lanark County and its community members can minimize Greenhouse Gas (GHG) generation and reduce our overall energy costs. 
This survey is completely anonymous, and we would very much appreciate your feedback. These answers will help create everlasting change for generations to come regarding transportation and energy. When taking this survey, choose the best response that describes your transportation and travel situation in the year of 2019.