Shoal Markers Are In!!! Keeping Your Boat Afloat 

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 15:55

Can you imagine a lake without shoal markers? Even seasoned boaters, who know where the obstacles are, can run aground when water levels change. Damages to engines and hulls can run in the thousands of dollars. Who do you think puts shoal markers in every spring and removes them every fall on the Big Rideau Lake? 

  • Parks Canada? 
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority?
  • The Townships? 
  • Transport Canada?

Nope, it’s the Big Rideau Lake Association!!

The Shoal Marker program is the oldest program for the Big Rideau Lake Association going back to 1922 when the Association was created to promote lake safety. It’s also one of the highest budget expenditures. The more than 120 shoal markers are separate from the Transport Canada’s red and green channel markers and are essential to preserving safe navigation. The markers are stored, installed, removed, and maintained through a long-standing partnership with a local marine contractor, Steve Magee of Coolligan Carpentry who works out of Portland

Andew Inderwick of Nobles Bay manages the Shoal Marker program for the BRLA. He is one of five generations who have enjoyed the lake since great Aunt Winnie (Winnifred Inderwick, née Shaw) purchased the property in 1937. “When I learned that the shoal markers that improve safety and save thousands of dollars in repairs are managed by the BLRA, run by volunteers and funded by generous donors, I felt an obligation to become a member. Then 6-months later, there was a call for a volunteer to oversee the program, so I raised my hand. It has been very rewarding!”

A membership with the BRLA of just $85 is key to sustaining this program. Join today and help build our community and keep your boat afloat. Visit the BRLA website at and click on the membership tab. 

Mary Pochobradsky
Director of Communications
Big Rideau Lake Association
513-885-4506 (c)